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Naples: A 2024 Start Full of Events and Culture

The Magic of Naples

Naples, a city of timeless charm, knows how to give intense emotions at any time of the year. Visiting Naples means immersing oneself in the charm of the sea, Vesuvius, the food, but also in the events that follow one another relentlessly, making the days spent exploring this wonderful city unique.

Umberto Gallery Naples | inStazione

The dome of the Umberto I Gallery illuminated

Discover the best Tours with destination Naples

After taking a nice stroll through the characteristic Quartieri Spagnoli, starting from Piazza del Plebiscito, or after a tour of the Historic Center with a culinary stop on Via dei Tribunali and a visit to the Sansevero Chapel, it is a great idea to attend some of the cultural or sporting events that the city of Naples offers on a daily basis.

Tour of Historic Center of Naples with local guide + visit to Sansevero Chapel
Walking Tour of Monumental Naples and Mural of Maradona

Naples offers to soak in its vibrant atmosphere through exhibitions, concerts, festivals and games. Also in January and February!

Journey into Neapolitan Art. Extraordinary Exhibitions

Art lovers are spoiled for choice. Exhibitions in Naples, both permanent and temporary, offer an extraordinary experience.

National Archaeological Museum of Naples | inStazione

The National Archaeological Museum in Naples

A must-visit is to the MANN-National Archaeological Museum of Naples. It is important to choose a tour with a priority ticket and smart audio guide so that you can visit the museum at your leisure and be able to discover anecdotes about the artifacts and works inside.

Visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (Priority Entrance Ticket + Smart Audioguide)

In January, also at the Archaeological Museum, there is also an interesting photo exhibition by Maurizio Esposito dedicated to Vesuvius after the 2017 fire.

At Galleria d'Italia and until the end of January, the exhibition "Naples in the Time of Napoleon. Rebell and the Light of the Gulf" exhibits works by Joseph Rebell, a Viennese painter, with subject matter of the city in the era from 1808 to 1815 (under the reign of Joachim Murat and Caroline Bonaparte).

Also through the end of January, at the Spot Home gallery on Via Toledo, those who love photography can admire the photographic project carried out in Naples by Anders Petersen of Sweden.

Unforgettable Concerts. Melodies that Enchant

Music is the beating heart of Naples, attracting great international artists who celebrate its unique atmosphere.

From the prestigious halls of the city's theaters to trendy clubs and, in summer at the stadium, great music reigns supreme.

In January, concerts not to be missed are definitely Mannarino at the Augusteo Theater, the duo Coez and Frah Quintale at the Palapartenope and Tropea who, having grown in fame among the general public after participating in a famous talent show, are ready to bring their tour to Naples as well.

In Pompeii and Castelnuovo di Napoli, however, of note is the presence of Sal Da Vinci, a singer with a distinguished discography.

Discover Tours with destination Pompeii Ruins | inStazione

Glimpse of the ruins of Pompeii

Just on the occasion of his concert in Pompeii, you may consider going first to visit the incredible excavations, choosing a walking tour with a licensed guide and priority ticket or with a smart audio guide and departure from Naples by train.

Walking tour of Pompeii + local guide + priority entrance ticket to the excavations
Pompeii ruins walking tour by train with round-trip ticket from Naples + priority entrance ticket + smart audio guide

Exciting Football Matches. The Football Faith of Naples

Soccer is a true religion in Naples, and attending a match of the glorious Napoli FC is an experience of indescribable passion.

Mural of Maradona| inStazione

The Mural Dedicated to Maradona

League matches not to be missed between January and February include Napoli - Salernitana, Napoli - Verona and Napoli - Genoa.

In February there will be a very important Champions League match: Napoli - Barcelona.

Again, it is crucial to rely on authorized channels to book your seats and choose customized solutions to, for example, travel to the stadium in total comfort with an NCC.

inStazione specializes in ticketing for sporting events in the city of Naples

Theater to Applause. The Magic of the Stage

In addition to great exhibitions and concerts, Naples offers a plethora of theatrical events.

In January, Edoardo Leo is at the Augusteo Theater with his show (made up of thoughts, notes and suggestions), while in February, Biagio Izzo will be at the Troisi Theater to give big laughs to the audience.

Also in February, popular comedians Pio and Amedeo will be at the Palapartenope, and Angelo Duro at the Bellini Theater.

In January there is also space for the musical with Flashdance, also at the Palapartenope.

Shows and Events Naples early 2024| inStazione

Major events and theatrical performances

Theincredible combination of cultural and sporting events makes a trip to Naples unique, as well as the various private tours that can be chosen to discover little-known and exclusive places or the most tourist attractions with different advantages.

inStazione organizes private tours to discover the most exclusive places in the city of Naples

Naples, a Unique City to Discover with Expert Tour Operators

Relying on experienced tour operators to purchase tickets for concerts, games, museums, and clearly even air and train tickets is a convenience not to be missed and the safest choice for not missing a single one of the exceptional activities Naples has to offer.

Naples, with its unique historical and artistic heritage, awaits you with open arms, ready to give you unforgettable experiences. Now you only need to choose when to come!

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