Looking for information about tickets, train schedules, stores, hotels, or pizzerias in and around Naples?

Want to make or cancel a last-minute reservation?

Or would you like to learn more about car rental, transfer and parking services available in the area?

Whatever your need, count on the InStazione team.

We are available to answer your questions and find solutions tailored to you.

Get to know the inStazione team

  • Chiara Gargiulo | inStazione

    Chiara Gargiulo

    Co-founder & CFO

    A degree in Tourism Business Management and more than a decade of experience in Naples Central Station as a travel agent, face-to-face with tourists, passengers and citizens, allowed me to understand and analyze the needs of each individual person. This knowledge has been an invaluable source for the design of InStazione services.

    I am at your disposal for any request, ready to take a cue from your needs to offer you a tailor-made service that lives up to your expectations.

  • Katia Cupo | inStazione

    Katia Cupo

    Co-founder & Tourism Officer

    A bachelor's degree in archaeology with a master's degree in Paris and 10 years spent as a multilingual tour guide throughout the Campania region. This is how I gained the skills in planning and designing tailor-made tourist itineraries. Conciergerie management for international Tour Operators and an NCC transportation services company complete the background I have drawn from for InStazione services.

    I will provide you with a unique travel experience of quality, authenticity and comfort.