Christmas in and around Naples

Christmas in and around Naples

Markets, events, exhibitions and tours.

Christmas 2021, the desire to get out and travel is now stronger than ever, and Naples is one of the Italian cities that boasts a vast tourist and cultural offer. Not only nativity scenes, struffoli and markets, but also exhibitions, events and shows, as well as easy-to-reach archaeological sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum.


The typical image of Christmas that we have in mind is certainly the narrow street of San Gregorio Armeno, now renamed "the street of nativity scenes," with its stalls full of Christmas decorations. First and foremost are the famous shepherds who, as per tradition, must from year to year crowd more and more the "scoglio," or cork structure that houses the scenes of the Neapolitan nativity tradition.

In this narrow street, an ancient Roman thistle, but before that one of the stenopoi of ancient Neapolis Greek (5TH CENT. BCE), you can really find everything from tiny tiles for making hut roofs to some of the most beautiful and valuable shepherds made by famous Nativity Masters, such as the Bottega dei Ferrigno, who have been devoted to this art for several generations.

The lure of Naples and its strongly identifiable Christmas decorations has conveyed this passion for the Nativity to non-Neapolitans as well, so that for some years now the city has been almost a must-visit destination for Italians, and particularly for Italians from neighboring regions, who spend the weekend or even a single intense day in the city, among Christmas markets, fried pizzas and sfogliatelle.
Oh yes! the lure of Neapolitan cuisine and its street food, which has a strong identity.


To enjoy this experience to the fullest, inStazione has designed a walking tour (walking tour) just to introduce you to Neapolitan Christmas traditions, including the culinary ones!!! 

>>Walking Tour Christmas Markets in Naples

Over the years, the Christmas offerings have grown and the Neapolitan Christmas markets have invaded other neighborhoods and areas in the hinterland, and fortunately the cultural offerings during this period have also grown.

Christmas markets and stands for decorations and gift ideas can be found in several city areas:
Vomero - Piazza Dante - Cortile di Santa Chiara - Piazza Carità - Piazza Municipio - Piazza Bovio.

In the district of Fuorigrotta, at the Mostra d'Oltremare, the Magical Santa Claus Park, the aim is to entertain and surprise the little ones who will be able to experience the magical Christmas atmosphere here. Fairy tales, gingerbread houses, elves, toy factory and the post office to mail letters to Santa Claus.

Open Monday through Friday from 10-12/ 15-20 and Saturday and Sunday from 10-21. 

Moving a bit away from the city center and reaching northward to the town of Bacoli, one can witness one of the most successful Christmas installations. The lights that illuminate the Vanvitellian Park of Fusaro (Bacoli) enhancing a landscape that alone can be called fairy-tale.

Christmas lighting along the bridge and on Lake Fusaro's Casina Vanvitelliana is enchanting young and old alike.


Christmas in the province 

Going out again from the city limits conveniently by train on the L2 subway line, you can reach the Pietrarsa Railway Museum in which a real Christmas village has already been set up for a couple of years, with stands, music and street food.
A market that enjoys a very fortunate location and enjoys a wide range of merchandise, culinary and entertainment offerings. This will also be an opportunity to visit the entire museum area, which covers an area of 36,000 square meters.

With inStazione you can enjoy a beautiful escorted tour to discover the historic Bourbon Station with its museum dedicated to locomotives and then relax among the Christmas stalls. Please feel free to contact us via wa, phone or email to ask for more information!


Still further south, the traditional visit to the illuminations of Salerno becomes, with the Naples-Salerno metropolitan train, a beautiful and relaxing walk. In fact, in 86 minutes you reach the city now established for the spectacular ARTIST LIGHTS. Excursions and guided tours to discover Italy's most famous illuminations are different, contact inStazione's conciergerie service and we will give you all the info to visit the installation.

 Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions in Naples during the Christmas season festivities include:

An exhibition dedicated to Dante was opened at the Royal Palace. Info
At PAN the exhibition "from Keith Haring to the present day"
At the Castel dell'Ovo "Tutankhamun - Journey to Eternity."
At the church of San Potito, "Claude Monet: the immersive experience" is set up.

At Palazzo Fondi "Frida Khalo - The Chaos Within"

At the Mann in addition to the extraordinary Exhibition dedicated to the "Gladiators" which we suggest visiting with children, we also point out the photo exhibition set up in the Farnese Bull Room "Naples. Sense of Place" by Alex Trusty.