Rome - Pompeii: route inaugurated to discover the wonders of the excavations | inStazione

Rome - Pompeii: route to discover the wonders of the excavations inaugurated

A beautiful novelty: Rome - Pompeii by high-speed train!

An unprecedented chapter of travel and discovery has opened thanks to the direct Frecciarossa from Rome to Pompeii.

A new connection that offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in the ancient splendor of Pompeii and explore its archaeological wonders.

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Panoramic Glimpse from the Archaeological Excavations of Pompeii

On Sunday, July 16, in fact, the first Frecciarossa 1000 train departed from Roma Termini and arrived, without changes, at the Scavi.

A train to promote art and cultural heritage

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano were present on the inaugural trip. Luigi Ferraris, CEO of FS Italiane, and Luigi Corradi, CEO of Trenitalia, traveled together with journalists and dignitaries in what can be described as a real means of promoting art and accessibility to the country's cultural heritage.

Walk through the Ancient Streets of Pompeii | inStazione

A walk through the ruins of Pompeii

Among the pluses of this trip is the opportunity to enjoy the screening of an introductory video on the history of the excavations. Further confirmation of the importance given to this amazing tourist destination.

A quick trip to millennial history

The Frecciarossa takes, initially one Sunday a month, lots of tourists to the magic of Pompeii, where every single stone tells a thousand-year past. In 107 minutes, with a quick and comfortable ride, you prepare for a unique experience in Pompeii.

Shuttle Bus to Pompeii | inStazione

Shuttle bus from Pompeii Station

Upon arriving at the excavations, thanks to the Pompeii Link shuttle bus from the station, each visitor will be able to devote an entire day aimed at discovering a priceless historical heritage.

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The InStazione Kit for Rome - Pompeii customers.

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PROMO TRENITALIA: skip the line ticket and guided tour with InStazione

You should definitely not miss the opportunity to discover one of the most fascinating destinations, so we recommend not wasting time and booking your trip to Pompeii now to experience an unforgettable day of history, culture and timeless discoveries.

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