Paestum: a journey to the heart of history and beauty | inStazione

Paestum: a journey to the heart of history and beauty

The Magnificence of Paestum

Paestum, a secret treasure in the heart of Campania, is a place steeped in thousands of years of history and timeless charm. This ancient archaeological site is a must-see for those who wish to immerse themselves in the past of the magnificent Magna Graecia.

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Numerous tours allow visitors to contemplate Paestum in its entire majesty, some include round-trip train ticket from Naples in addition to the entrance fee.

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Paestum Archaeological Park | inStazione

The Archaeological Park of Paestum

Paestum: A Journey through Time. The Birth of Poseidonia

Paestum, originally known as Poseidonia, was founded by Greek settlers in the 7th century BC. The city flourished as an important commercial and cultural center dedicated to the god of the sea, Poseidon.

Over the centuries, Paestum came under the rule of the Romans, who helped shape the impressive archaeological landscape we admire today.

Temple of Hera Paestum | inStazione

The Temple of Hera

The Majestic Scenery of Paestum: Echoes of an Ancient Epoch

The centerpiece of Paestum is the extraordinary archaeological zone, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Three solemn temples emerge from the plain, capturing visitors' eyes with their grandeur and architectural perfection.

The Temple of Neptune, the most imposing, seems to defy the passage of centuries with its massive columns.

The Temple of Athena, the only one whose deity is known to be dedicated, and the Temple of Hera, the oldest (built beginning in 560 BCE), are equally extraordinary. Each tells a part of the thousand-year history of this fascinating place.

Fresco Paestum Archaeological Museum | inStazione

Fresco at the National Archaeological Museum in Paestum

The National Archaeological Museum of Paestum: a Journey into Ancient Culture and Art

For an in-depth understanding of Paestum's history, the National Archaeological Museum, within the city walls, is an essential stop.

Its vast collection of artifacts, including sculptures, vases and decorations from the surrounding area, offers visitors an up-close look at the artistry of the Greeks and Romans, revealing an insider's perspective on daily life in that distant era.

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Paestum's sandy beaches | inStazione

Golden Beaches and Crystal Sea in Paestum

The Surroundings of Paestum: A Natural Wonder Between Golden Beaches and Local Flavors

Paestum is not only an archaeological site; it is also a perfect destination for those seeking authentic natural beauty, a multisensory experience that embraces history, art and nature.

Paestum's beaches offer golden sand and crystal clear waters to tourists looking for a relaxing time during the summer.

The restaurants in the area also offer a unique dining experience, with traditional dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

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Exclusive language tours to Paestum and surrounding areas

Paestum: The Millennial Charm of an Extraordinary Place

In conclusion, if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, a journey through time that captures both the eye and the heart with the millennial charm of extraordinary places, Paestum is the perfect destination.

This corner of Campania's heritage amazes and inspires tourists from all over the world, and should be visited at a leisurely pace. In fact, if possible, it is recommended to choose a private tour, especially in case you want privacy and relaxation.

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Paestum is ready to unveil its hidden treasures and give anyone an unforgettable experience. With the right tour, it becomes even more extraordinary!

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