Discover the real Naples on foot and participate in its great events | inStazione

Discover the real Naples on foot and participate in its great events

A Fascinating Itinerary Through the Wonders of Naples

Naples, a city of timeless beauty, enchanting with its rich history and vibrant spirit.

Marigliano Palace Naples | inStazione

A Fascinating Glimpse of the Marigliano Palace in Naples

Walking its streets is a unique experience, an immersion in centuries of history and the diverse souls of this extraordinary metropolis. Tourists from all over the world come here to discover its hidden wonders and participate in must-do activities so as to make their visit unforgettable.

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A Journey through Art and Culture

A walk through the historic center of Naples is a plunge into history. The narrow, winding streets, bustling squares, and historic buildings create a unique atmosphere. From Piazza del Plebiscito, with the majestic Royal Palace and the famous San Carlo Theater, to the street of nativity scenes in San Gregorio Armeno, Naples is a veritable open-air museum.

The San Carlo Theater of Naples | inStazione

The San Carlo Theater in Naples

A hidden treasure not to be missed is the National Archaeological Museum, where an extraordinary collection of artifacts from ancient Rome and Magna Graecia awaits discovery. After exploring the wonders of the MAN or strolling through the Quartieri Spagnoli and Spaccanapoli, it is a great idea to stop at one of Naples' historic cafes, sipping an authentic espresso or enjoying a sfogliatella.

The Neapolitan Sfogliatella | inStazione

The Mythical Neapolitan Sfogliatella

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For those who wish to sample local products and take advantage of a tour to discover the most famous streets, professional hosts offer private tours of good food and history.

Private tours to discover the streets of Naples

Football Passion in Naples

If one really wants to experience Naples to the fullest, one must remember that the passion for soccer is an integral part of the city. Sports fans cannot pass up the opportunity to attend a Napoli match at the legendary Stadio San Paolo (now Diego Armando Maradona). The energy in the stadium's corners is contagious, and supporting the Azzurri team amid the Neapolitan fans is an unforgettable experience.

The Passion for Naples Football of Neapolitans | inStazione

The Alleyways Decorated with the Symbols of Napoli Calcio.

To purchase tickets for Naples matches and to plan the transfer to the stadium, it is advisable to rely on a personal conciergerie service. Thanks to the professionals in this field, it will be possible for every tourist to enjoy the match in total peace and experience a wonderful day.

Events in Naples

Naples hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. From cultural festivals to concerts, art exhibitions to theater performances, the city always offers something interesting. Before planning your trip, it is advisable to take a look at the events calendar to find out if there is anything special scheduled during your stay.

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Naples' Big Events All Year Round | inStazione

Shows and Events All Year Round

Attending one of these events is anopportunity to immerse yourself even more in Neapolitan culture, and relying, again, on a personal conciergerie service is definitely the best solution.

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Naples' resounding offer

Walking around Naples is an experience that will lead you to discover a city that to call fascinating is an understatement. From its thousand-year history to its passion for soccer and cultural events, Naples has so much to offer.

PIazza del Plebiscito Naples | inStazione

Plebiscite Square

Be sure to book the most interesting tours, as well as tickets to Napoli games, exhibitions, theater performances and more.

Naples: a city to discover!

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