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Venice: unique tours for a unique city

Venice, the most beautiful city in the world

How many people in the world, when they have to answer the question. "what is the most beautiful city in the world", they answer: "Venice" ?? Almost all of those who have had a chance to see it live or even just in postcards.

Venice, known as the "City of Canals," is an essential destination for anyone who wants to discover the beauty of our country and its rich history. Art and architecture, but also culinary tradition. This is what tourists visiting the lagoon city are looking for.

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Must-see destinations during a tour of Venice

Here are some places you should not miss during a tour of Venice:

St. Mark's Square

The beating heart of the city where some of Venice's most famous monuments are located. One of them is definitely St. Mark's Basilica. The basilica, a great example of Byzantine architecture, leaves visitors breathless with its incredible beauty and solemnity. Also important to mention is the Clock Tower, a 16th-century engineering masterpiece and a must-see attraction.

Visiting St. Mark's Square in Venice | inStazione

St. Mark's Square in Venice

St. Mark's Square can be visited in depth, for example, on a guided walking tour. Thanks to such tours, one can receive a lot of interesting information and not miss a single detail.

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Ducal Palace

Theformer residence of the Doges, located in St. Mark's Square, is admired by all for both its unique architectural style known as Ven etian Gothic (a Gothic style typical of the city of Venice, influenced by Byzantine and Islamic architecture) and the wonderful works of art it holds. Paintings by Tintoretto, works by Veronese, coffered ceilings and clearly the Bridge of Sighs are just some of the masterpieces that make this monument so unique.

Visiting the Doge's Palace in Venice | inStazione

Ducal Palace

To fully appreciate Doge's Palace we recommend a self-guided audio tour by smartphone or a visit with an authorized guide.

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Grand Canal

The city's main navigable canal is lined with several historic palaces, including the Ca' Rezzonico and Palazzo Grassi. Thousands of tourists choose the gondola as a way to cross the canal and see Venice from a unique perspective.An unforgettable experience to carry in your heart.

Grand Canal in gondola | inStazione

Grand Canal in a gondola

Many tours offer the option of visiting Venice by gondola and also include a walking tour of Venice's main attractions.

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The sestiere of Cannaregio

The sestiere of Cannaregio is a very populated and famous area of Venice, but not too beaten by mass tourism. It is definitely worth a visit for what is considered one of the jewels of the early Venetian Renaissance: the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli. But also for the synagogues and courtyards that distinguish the Jewish Ghetto and the fascinating bridges of the Grand Canal. In short, a place that holds many wonders all to be discovered.

Sestiere of Cannaregio in Venice | inStazione

The sestiere of Cannaregio

The Rialto Bridge, the Gallerie dell'Accademia, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection are other destinations that every tourist includes in their itinerary during a trip to the Lagoon. All places can be visited through private tours that can be customized to suit every need.

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Bacari tour: the gastronomic tradition of Venice through its traditional osterias

But when talking about Venice, it is impossible not to mention its gastronomic tradition as well. For this reason, a tour of the bacari is always in great demand. A tour of typical Venetian bars where you can taste cicchetti, small appetizers typical of the city, while sipping good wine or spritz, the famous Venetian aperitif.

Tour of the Bacari in Venice | inStazione

The Bacari of Venice

From sarde in saor to baccalà mantecato, participants in this kind of tour can discover the genuine flavors of the place and immerse themselves in its unique atmosphere.

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For Venice, as for all other tourist destinations, we always recommend relying on competent agencies and established realities that can provide continuous support and propose the best solutions for each type of travel.


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